• Level I Shock Trauma Center at St. Anthony Hospital

  • Trauma is serious injury usually caused by falls, car accidents or other incidents that cause trauma to the body. Trauma injuries can have various levels of seriousness from a broken bone to trauma to the brain . Regardless of the level of injury, the St. Anthony Hospital Shock Trauma Centers treats patients from the Denver Metro area and across Colorado with expert doctors, specially trained trauma teams, advanced technology, a dedicated trauma operating room and a partnership with EMS responders, providing the highest level of care.

    St. Anthony Hospital is designated as a Level I Trauma Center by the State of Colorado Department of Health. A Level I designation is the highest level of definitive and comprehensive emergency and trauma care for patients with complex injuries. A trauma team consisting of emergency physicians, trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons, critical care doctors, anesthesiologists, radiologists, nurses and CT techs are in-house, 24 hours-a-day and immediately available to the trauma patient.

    Trauma Room 10 (T-10)  at St. Anthony Hospital is Colorado's first dedicated trauma-operating suite that enables seriously injured patients to go directly to surgery upon their arrival with EMS. T-10 is fully equipped and can be ready at a moments notice for seriously injured trauma patients who need emergency surgery, giving us valuable lifesaving minutes that make all the difference when it comes to trauma. A new high-speed, dedicated elevator to the T-10 OR at the new hospital will provide even faster access to emergency trauma surgery for critically injured patients.

    For the most severely ill and injured patients, rapid access to coordinated, multidisciplinary, tertiary levels of care is crucial. St. Anthony Hospital is recognized internationally as an innovative leader in trauma system development, emergency transport, intensivist teamwork, sub-specialty intensive care unit operation and physician-through-paramedic education. Its service to Colorado, the Rocky Mountain region and the world now spans nearly four decades, confirming its place among the nation's first sites for shock trauma care.

    If you have an emergency dial 911 Immediately!

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