• Revolutionizing Cancer Care in Denver with Combined Novalis TX & RapidArc

  • St. Anthony Cancer Center offers the revolutionary Novalis Tx TM and RapidArc TM radiotherapy technology to those seeking the most advanced cancer treatments in Denver or the Rocky Mountain region.

    St. Anthony Hospital has revolutionized cancer care in the Rocky Mountain region with a multi-million dollar investment in the NovalisTX™ system with RapidArc. The most advanced radiation therapy available, its 360-degree design delivers "whole volume" treatments two to eight times faster than prior systems. Moreover, the precision of radiation delivery is far greater, preserving healthy tissue. For our patients, it means a higher standard of care and a faster return to normal daily routines.

    We also are one of the few centers in Colorado offering the advantages of radiosurgery for tumors of the brain and neurological system. Among the radiosurgical technologies available here is "frameless" treatment using the NovalisTX with ExacTrac.

    The state-of-the-art Novalis Tx and RapidArc at St. Anthony Cancer Center in Denver offers numerous benefits with unprecidented speed and precision.

    One of the fastest, most precise "radiation blade" cancer treatments available.

    • Minimizes collateral damage to good tissue.
    • Novalis Tx TM significantly reduces the number of radiation treatments your patients will need due to the accuracy of each treatment.
    • Novalis Tx TM allows bloodless, noninvasive radiosurgical tumor ablation any place in the body.
    • RapidArc sweeps around the patient, delivering up to 180 precise doses of radiation, while reducing radiation exposure by 65 percent.
    • We have the only combined Novalis Tx TM and RapidArc TM stereotactic system in the Rocky Mountain region.

    Pictured above - a spine cancer treatment plan using conventional standard intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT).

    Pictured above - a spine cancer treatment plan using RapidArc TM radiotherapy technology. RapidArc is made possible by a proprietary treatment algorithm from Varian Medical Systems. With the RapidArc plan, there is more dose to the tumor, less dose to surrounding healthy tissues, shorter treatment time and the RapidArc plan is simple: a single field. RapidArc treatments can be delivered 2 - 8 times faster than conventional treatment.

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