• Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention

  • Reducing Sport and Recreational Traumatic Brain (TBI) Injuries

    Colorado is known for having a diverse landscape that offers abundant outdoor activities. From hiking and biking on trails to skiing and snowboarding on our snow covered mountains, Colorado offers numerous opportunities to be active. Sport and recreational activities involve a certain level of risk and those who participate in these activities are at a higher risk of being injured, including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Risk for TBI is inherent to any physical activity and can occur at any age. Implementing injury prevention strategies helps minimize TBI injuries related to sports and recreational activities.

    Our program partners with numerous community-based organizations and government in diverse and dynamic ways. From presentations in schools to advocating for sensible regulation and legislation, our goal is to reduce these types of injuries and fatalities in our community.

    Consider the following:

    • Traumatic Brain Injury is the number one cause of both death and disability in children and young adults.
    • Every five minutes one person will die and another will become permanently disabled due to brain injury.
    • Non-helmeted riders are 14 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than helmeted riders.
    • Wearing a helmet while skiing or snowboarding reduces the risk of a severe brain injury by 68 percent.
    • Seventy to 80 percent of bicycle fatalities involve a head injury - bicycle helmets are 85 to 88 percent effective in preventing these injuries.
    • Children 14 and under are five times more likely to be injured in a bicycle-related crash than older riders.
    • Among children ages 14 and under, more than 80 percent of bicycle related fatalities are associated with behavior, including riding into the street without stopping, turning left or swerving into traffic that is coming from behind, running a stop sign and riding against the flow of traffic.  


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    If you would like to learn more about our program or to request a presentation or representation at an event, please contact:

    Robert Hayes, RN, Trauma Injury Prevention Specialist
    Phone: 720-321-8973

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