• St. Anthony Hospital Injury Prevention Program

  • Injury Prevention through Education, Partnerships, and Advocacy 

    Injury & Trauma Prevention

    St. Anthony Hospital is a Level I Shock Trauma Center, ready and equipped in the unfortunate event that an injury occurs.

    While no one expects to be injured, millions of people are injured every year.  Most injuries are minor and only cause mild discomfort; however, some injuries may lead to severe pain, disabilities, lifestyle changes and even death.  Injuries can lead to life-long mental, physical, and financial problems.  

    Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Injury Data and Epidemiology offers detailed information and reports about injuries in Colorado.  

    St. Anthony Hospital’s Injury Prevention Program focuses on the most common injuries occurring in our community.  Therefore, our program focuses on injuries that result from falls, motor vehicle crashes, and sport/recreational activities.

    St. Anthony Hospital Injury Prevention Programs:

    If you would like to learn more about our program or to request a presentation or representation at an event, please contact Robert Hayes, RN, Trauma and Injury Prevention at 720-321-8973.  

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