• Stay Motivated, Stay Fit!

  • Goal Setting Tips from Our Exercise Physiologist

    "A goal is a promise you make to yourself. Writing down your health and fitness goals helps you follow through with your commitment and be successful at achieving them! Answer the following questions and keep them in a place where you can see them regularly throughout the day:"

    1. The healthy change I want to make is?
    2. The steps I I will take to achieve my goals are?
    3. The things that could make it difficult to reach my goal are?
    4. How will I overcome this barrier?
    5. Support and resources I need to reach my goal are?
    6. On a scale of 1-10, how confident am I that I can reach my goal?
  • Making your steps count

    According to America On The Move walking an extra 2,000 steps and reducing 100 calories each day have positive effects on health and can effectively stop weight gain.

    Easy ways to add 2,000 steps to your day:

    • Circle around the block once when you go outside to get the mail
    • Walk around the aisles of the grocery store before shopping
    • Drive or walk to a nearby high school track, 4 laps equal 2,000 steps
    • Make several trips up and down the stairs to do laundry or chores
    • Pass by the drive-thru window and walk into the bank or restaurant
    • Listen to music or books while walking
    • Accompany your children on their walk to school
    • Take your dog for a walk
    • Pace around your house while talking on the phone
    • Benefit a good cause by joining a charity walk
    • Refill your coffee cup at the farthest machine from your work station
    • Designate 10 minutes of your lunch break for a quick walk


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