• Your Safety in the Hospital

  • Take Charge of Your Care
    It is best to get involved with your care, ask questions and partner with your care providers as a team:

    • It is okay to ask questions.
    • Tell your care providers all your important health information.
    • Ask a family member or friend to be with you when you speak with your care provider or when you are receiving care. They can help you ask questions and understand instructions.
    • Find out why a test or treatment is needed. Ask when and how you will get the results.
    • Learn all you can about your condition or illness and your treatment.
    • Make a list of the names and phone numbers of your doctors, clinics and pharmacies for reference.
    • Pay attention! If something doesn't seem right, tell your care team. If you have any concerns about your health, condition, medicines or treatment, ask questions! We welcome suggestions that may make St. Anthony Hospital a safe place. Suggestion cards and drop boxes are located at the elevators and other locations at the hospital. We value and welcome your comments.

    While you are in the hospital:

    • An ID band will be placed on your wrist. Wear the band at all times during your stay in the hospital. Tell your care team if the name band comes off, so it can be replaced right away. Ask your care givers if they have checked your ID before giving you medicine, before procedures or before doing treatments.
    • Make sure that those caring for you clean their hands. This helps fight infections.
    • Feel free to ask any care provider if they have cleaned their hands before they touch you.
    • If you are having surgery, it is good to understand exactly what will be done.
    • Ask questions: How long will it take? What will happen after my surgery? How will my pain be controlled?
    • Get out of bed slowly. Sit for a minute on the side of the bed before you stand up. You may need more help in the hospital than you need at home. Please ask for help. Tell staff if you feel dizzy, weak or unsteady.
    • When you are ready to leave the hospital, it is important that you understand the instructions given to you. Ask questions until you feel comfortable caring for yourself at home.

    hand washingFight Infection!  
    Fighting infections like the common cold, strep throat and the flu is important to everyone. Here are five easy things you can do to fight the spread of infection:

    1. Clean your hands, especially before eating and after using the bathroom.
    2. Make sure your health care providers clean their hands. Ask if they have cleaned their hands, before they touch you.
    3. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough.
    4. If you are sick, avoid close contact with others.
    5. Ask your doctor about shots to avoid disease and fight the spread of infection.
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