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Winter/Spring Unit - Grief, Loss and Family Systems Theory


  • Develop conceptual framework of grief and loss
  • Develop a theological framework from which to reflect on the topic of suffering
  • Examine grief and loss from different stages of life, as well as from different cultural and institutional perspectives
  • Familiarity with the personality development theories of Erik Erikson, Carol Gilligan, the Stone Center Writers
  • Familiarity with family systems theory
  • Integration of Behavioral Sciences with Theology


  • Read a theological text on suffering and make a group presentation
  • Present verbatims to group which illustrate grief, loss, and suffering
  • Required reading in appropriate literature
  • Presentation to peer group regarding theoretical/practical issues on the topic


  • Explore one's personal experience with grief and loss and how that impacts one's responsiveness to grief in others
  • To explore one's own personality and family systems development


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