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St. Anthony Hospital Patient & Visitor Guide

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To our patients, family members and guests, It took a decade of planning, nearly four years of construction and more than 18,000 hours of training, but the front doors have opened on your new St. Anthony Hospital.

The facility, as you’re about to discover, showcases some of the most advanced technology available. From the surgical suites, where sophisticated boom systems integrate procedural equipment and imaging, to the private rooms, where specialized patient-lifting devices enhance safety and comfort, this is a place designed for extraordinary patient care.

There are also “smart building” features that maximize energy efficiency, surfaces engineered to reduce infection risks and a customized elevator that speeds trauma patients from the helipad to our unique T-10 field-to-surgery suite in just three seconds. But high-speed, high-tech, high-efficiency systems are only part of the care being provided here. Be assured that, along with our expertise in trauma, cardiology, stroke care, orthopedics, neurosciences, oncology and more, we’ve brought to this new campus the faith-centered compassion that guided St. Anthony Central for nearly 120 years.

Our pledge is to provide Caring Excellence: Every touch. Every time. It is our pleasure to welcome you here and our privilege to provide the medical attention you need at this challenging time in your life.

Please use the links to the left for information regarding visitation policies and hospital services available to family and friends visiting loved ones.


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