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Read the complete Winter 2014 digital edition of Vim & Vigor Magazine.

Bold and Beautiful. Angelina Jolie's preemptive surgery started a national conversation about genetic screening. What would you do?

  • From the CEO. A New Era. CEO Jeff Brickman discusses how health care decision making is changing and we're leading the way. 
  • Community Connections. Creating a healthy environment and our new cardiovascular award.
  • High Five For Heart Care. Learn about five areas of cardiovascular care where St. Anthony Hospital Excels.
  • When Wounds Won't Heal. Led by Dr. Craig Reynolds, the multidisciplinary team at our new Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center is helping wounds heal faster.
  • Breast Density and You. Dr. Raymond Mencini explains how 3-D Mammography helps detect breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue.
  • Aging and Altitude. Emergency physician Dr. Gina Soriya shares tips on keeping your guests healthy when they come to visit our beautiful, high-altitude state.
  • Support System. Dr. Chester Dreiman shares how palliative care helps patients and their families during trying times.
  • The Racing Heart. A local cyclist recounts his story of surviving sudden cardiac arrest, and how Dr. Michael Ptasnik and Cardiac Rehab helped.
  • Ask the Experts. Dr. Ray Mencini discusses why it's important for women to know their breast density and Dr. Craig Reynolds explains why a multidisciplinary team is better for serious wound care.
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