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St. Anthony Hospital Trauma Clinic

If you have been discharged from the St. Anthony Hospital trauma unit, you may require follow-up for needs such as removal of stitches, prescription refills or work/school releases. For any such needs you can make an appointment to be seen at the St. Anthony Hospital Trauma Clinic.

Trauma Clinic is by Appointment Only
Trauma Clinic is held Thursdays from 10 a.m. to noon in the St. Anthony Hospital Emergency Department. (The clnic is NOT located in OrthoColorado Hospital.) 
To make an appointment or with questions, call 720-321-0432.

The St. Anthony Hospital Emergency Department and parking is located on the south side of the hospital easily accessible from both Alameda 6th Avenue. Map.

  • From 6th Avenue take the Simms-Union exit and go left (south) onto Union. Take a left on 2nd Place and then your first right on Healing Way.
  • From Alameda go north on Routt and turn left on Healing Way.

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