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ThinkFirst Denver - Injury Prevention Program

ThinkFirst was founded by America's neurosurgeons in an effort to decrease unintentional injury - the leading cause of childhood death and disability. ThinkFirst Denver Metro and St. Anthony Hospital are proud to provide the following comprehensive educational services to youth in the Denver Metro area based  upon the "use your mind to protect your body" message.

ThinkFirst for Kids

ThinkFirst for Kids is presented in a classroom format to children attending elementary school. This program is designed to teach behavioral safety to kids at an impressionable age. The research-based curriculum includes information about activities that place them at risk while teaching them the best ways to stay safe and injury free. The ThinkFirst learning experience is fun, hands-on and teaches meaningful, life-long safety habits in relation to recreation, sports, and motor vehicle use.

ThinkFirst for Youth

ThinkFirst for Youth program provides youth in fourth through eighth grade with lessons on decision making skills, a confident self image and an ability to resolve conflicts and withstand peer pressure.

ThinkFirst for Teens

ThinkFirst for Teens is a unique continuing education community outreach program that educates young people about personal vulnerability and risk taking. The message is that you can have a fun, exciting life, and you can do it without hurting yourself - if you think first and use your mind to protect your body. 

ThinkFirst For Teens Programs Presentations Include:

  • A health care provider who educates students about the brain and spinal cord
  • Discussion on how to prevent brain and spinal cord injuries
  • VIP speaker/video: A person that shares their experience of sustaining a permanent spinal cord or traumatic brain injury.
  • Public education at community based safety fairs
  • 9 Health Fair in the Classroom
  • Focused education on distracted driving
  • Injury prevention topics include:
    - Motor vehicle Safety
    - Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety
    - Sports / Playground Safety
    - Water Safety
    - Violence Prevention and Gun Safety

For more information To schedule a ThinkFirst presentation contact:

Vicky Cassabaum RN
ThinkFirst Denver Metro Chapter Coordinator
34 Van Gordon St., Ste 200
Lakewood, CO 80228




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