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Community Sponsorship Request

St. Anthony Hospital receives numerous requests for financial contributions and sponsorships. Supporting community-based organizations, their events and programs, is an important part of our mission to support and care for our communities we serve. We not only supports our communities through contributions, but also invests nearly $58 million each year in charity care and underwriting government care for the elderly and poor.

The following selection criteria will be considered in making sponsorship determinations. Please read carefully prior to completing the online sponsorship request form below.

  1. Sponsorship requests should be made minimum 60 days prior to program or event.
  2. Sponsorship or donations should be used to support organizations located within the St. Anthony Hospital service area.
  3. The group, program or event should reflect St. Anthony Hospital's mission.
  4. The group, program or event must provide appropriate visibility and value-added opportunities for St. Anthony Hospital, such as access to databases of event participants, event visibility of our logo, etc...
  5. Each applicant must complete the online application including details about the attributes of the various sponsorship levels. It must be clear how and in what materials the St. Anthony Hospital logo and other references to St. Anthony Hospital will be presented. The expected attendance numbers and any other measures should be included.
  6. Non-profit organizations and health-related projects will be given priority.
Exclusions: requests for dues, membership fees, individuals (i.e. walk-a-thons, etc.) or attendance at conferences.

St. Anthony Hospital reviews and makes recommendations on sponsorship requests on a monthly basis. However, we request that you submit requests minimum 60 days prior to event.

* Indicates required information
Organization * 
First & Last Name of Person Making Request  * 
Address 1: * 
Address 2: 
City: * 
State: * 
Zip: * 
Email: * 
Organization Phone: * 
Preferred contact phone if not same as organization phone  
Years organization has been in operation  * 
Organization/Event is:  * 
Have you received a sponsorship from St. Anthony Hospital in the past? * 
If yes, please give the amount, date & brief description of event/program it supported  
Title and brief description of event/program for which you are requesting funds  * 
Date of event (if ongoing program, type "ongoing")  * 
Location of Event * 
Who is your target audience for the event? i.e. families, students, doctors, people with disease, etc. 
Number of people expected to attend or participate  * 
How much money are you requesting? * 
How will your event/program impact the health and well-being of citizens in the Lakewood or Denver Metro Communities? * 
St. Anthony Hospital will receive promotional opportunities through this sponsorship via? * 

If Other, please specify:

Are you requesting first aid? * 
Do you offer health care exclusivity?  * 
Do you have a title sponsor for the event?  * 
If yes, who? 
Pleast describe the various sponsorhips levels: * 
Do you give St. Anthony Hospital the right to promote itself at the event and organization  * 
List other agencies you partner with, if any:  
Please upload any supporting information about your event or program such as donation request letter, event promotional material, etc. with the file upload options below.  
Additional information you want to add: 
Upload supporting information (optional).  
Upload supporting information (optional).  
If you have a contact at St. Anthony Hospital, please provide their name.  
Authentication * 

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