• St. Anthony Hospital Heart & Vascular Program

  • Caring for Your Heart

    When it comes to cardiac emergencies, St. Anthony Hospital's rapid heart attack response times are some of the quickest intervention (opening a blocked artery) times in the nation. St. Anthony Hospital is treating heart attacks 15 minutes faster than the national average.

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  • Dr. Svinarich, Cardiologist

    Cryoablation to Treat AFib

    Dr. Svinarich is one of few specialists in the region performing balloon cardiac cryoablation for AFib.

  • Nurses Responding to Heart Emergency

    Rapid Response to Heart Attack

    St. Anthony Hospital's first-contact to intervention is 72.5 minutes.

  • Patient working out in cardiac rehab facility

    Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

    Cardiac Rehab helps you recover and return to an active life after a cardiac event.

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