• Rapid Response to Heart Attack at St. Anthony Hospital

  • Among the fastest intervention times in the nation.

    From the minute Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is alerted of a cardiac emergency, to the time the patient is brought to the St. Anthony Hospital Emergency Department and through the cardiac catheterization lab for treatment, our team works together to provide some of the fastest heart attack intervention times in the nation. St. Anthony Hospital is treating heart attacks 15 minutes faster than the national average!

    The key to surving a heart attack is knowing the signs and acting quickly!

    If you or someone you are with is having chest pain or may be having a heart emergency call 911 immediately.

    At St. Anthony Hospital, we know that when it comes to heart attacks every second counts and our team is fully trained and prepared to provide rapid response for cardiac emergency.

    • EMS responders alert the St. Anthony Hospital Emergency Team to the incoming cardiac emergency.
    • Our emergency team prepares for the patient to arrive and continues to communicate with EMS as to the patient's condition.
    • Upon arrival, our team of specially trained emergency doctors and nurses can provide immediate care.
    • Patients with an artery blockage are sent to the cardiovascular cath lab where a cardiologist can open the blocked artery. Our cardiovascular cath labs are available for critical interventions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    At St. Anthony Hospital we know that rapid interventions save lives and now are challenging ourselves to reduce intervention time even further by enhancing prehospital training and services.

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