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School of Radiologic Sciences Student Services

The following services are available for all students enrolled in the St. Anthony Hospital School of Radiologic Sciences.

  1. Academic Guidance and Advising
  2. Counseling and Social Networks
  3. Free parking at all Centura Facilities
  4. Graduate and Career Services
  5. Hospital Concierge
  6. Liability coverage
  7. Student Discounts on books, uniforms, and hospital cafeteria
  8. Student Resource Library
  9. Workforce Investment Act Eligibility – second year tuition and books
  10. Workman’s Compensation coverage

*Students participating in the articulation agreement with Red Rocks Community College will have access to additional resources on the Lakewood RRCC campus.  These resources may include:  Information: 303-914-6600

  1. Assessment
  2. Academic Advising
  3. Assistive Technology Lab
  4. Bookstore
  5. Cafeteria and Coffee Shop
  6. Career Counseling
  7. Cashier's Office
  8. Children’s Center
  9. Connect to Success Services
  10. Disability Services
  11. Fitness Center
  12. Learning Commons
  13. Library
  14. Student Employment
  15. Student Project Center
  16. Student Records
  17. Tutoring (free for RRCC students)
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