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St. Anthony Pharmacy

The St. Anthony Pharmacy is located on the second level of Medical Plaza 2 on the St. Anthony Medical Campus and we invite you to choose us as your local pharmacy for filling your prescriptions. The full service pharmacy is open to the public and also offers a variety of over the counter products. Patients leaving Medical Office Plaza appointments, as well as those being discharged from St. Anthony Hospital or OrthoColorado Hospital will also find us a convenient option when filling their discharge medications.

St. Anthony Pharmacy - Lakewood, CO

Our pharmacy staff looks forward to helping with all of your prescription medication needs.

St. Anthony Pharmacy accepts most major insurance plans. We accept all forms of payment including cash, check and credit card. 

St. Anthony Pharmacy
11700 West 2nd Place
Suite 235
Lakewood, CO 80228
Phone: 720-321-8290
Fax: 720-321-8291
Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Discharge Prescriptions for Patients

Don't worry about stopping on the way home from the hospital, have your prescriptions delivered right to your room prior to discharge.

For patients being discharged from the hospital, St. Anthony Pharmacy can deliver the medications directly to your hospital room upon request, and any additional refills can easily be transferred to the patient’s your home pharmacy. We also carry a selection of patient aid items such as canes, walkers and wound care supplies you may need after surgery or for at-home rehabilitation.

Please contact St. Anthony Pharmacy at 720-321-8290 or ask your nurse to arrange for your prescriptions to be filled and delivered from the St. Anthony Pharmacy.

If you have a question regarding a special order medication, please contact us, 720-321-8290 and we will gladly discuss your need.

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