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St. Anthony Hospital Patient Stories

St. Anthony Hospital cares for many of the region's most seriously ill and injured patients. Here, leading edge treatment plans and life-saving interventions are an every-day reality. And no proof is more powerful than the stories of those thriving today because the right professionals, technologies and expertise came together on their behalf.

  • Read our most recent patient story about Cheryl Thompson's Trigeminal Neuralgia treatment.
    Cheryl Thompson -  Novalis TX offers new treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia.
  • Ken Hood - Neurosurgical ICU patient Ken Hood shares his Flight For Life Colorado / St. Anthony Hospital experience.
  • Clear Creek Rafters - Whitewater rafting accident left one rafter with severe leg and foot injuries. Watch their Today Show interview.
  • Sonny Flock - After a ski accident, Sonny was transported via Flight For Life to T-10 where he underwent 10 hours of surgery
  • Scott Rinn - A motorcycle accident left Scott fighting for his life with a trauma team that never missed a beat.
  • Mary Dufour - While on her way to work, Mary, a nurse, suddenly found herself a patient instead.
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