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New! Near-Infrared Fluorescence Image-Guided Technology
Only at St. Anthony Hospital

St. Anthony Hospital has become the first medical center in Colorado and surrounding states and one of only a few nationwide to enhance its daVinci SI Surgical System-the most advanced robotic surgical system in the world-with near-infrared fluorescence image-guided technology. This new technology offers Rocky Mountain region patients access to breakthrough image-guiding technology for kidney cancer.  

The new imaging guidance system employs a specially designed camera and endoscopes that allows the surgeon to capture images of tissue and surrounding blood vessels by injecting a unique fluorescence dye that is activated by near-infrared light. This greatly enhances the surgeon's visual field, facilitating finer assessment and heightening precision for better outcomes.

"Florescence imaging combined with the new 3-D HD camera scopes gives us clear anatomical landmarks to better map the patient's vascular anatomy," says Derek Zukosky, DO, surgeon at St. Anthony Hospital. "It's changing the way we perform surgery as we now can perform complex kidney surgery in a more sparing manner using a minimally invasive approach. The imagery is so precise we can temporarily stop blood flow to only part of the kidney needing dissection, allowing the rest of the kidney to remain perfused which prevents potential damage to the healthy tissue."

This technique further advances the benefits of robotic surgery for better patient outcomes. Surgeons utilize computerized, highly functional mechanics and miniaturized surgical instruments to replicate every movement of their hands. The flexibility and precise movements of the instruments at the ends of three robotic arms allow both simple and more complex procedures to be done through only a few small, one-quarter-in long incisions. Because of this, the procedure is less traumatic to the body and results in minimal scarring and faster recovery time for patients.

Watch the patient story below about how da Vinci minimally invasive surgery saved one man's life and his kidney.

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