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Interventional Radiology Services at St. Anthony Hospital

Interventional radiology uses advanced imaging such as CT, PET, MRI, Ultrasound and X-ray, to navigate catheters (tiny tubes) through a patient's arteries to reach specific areas of the body, without open surgery. Once the catheters are in place, they are able to deliver medication, open blockages, resolve aneurysms, destroy tumors, collect biopsies, diagnose infections and more.

The Interventional Radiology facility at St. Anthony Hospital is staffed and equipped to provide a wide range of interventional procedures including some of the latest minimally-invasive procedures, offering lower risk, less pain and often faster recoveries. 

Interventional radiologists at St. Anthony Hospital are board certified doctors who are highly experienced in their field and are on the forefront bringing new interventional techniques and procedures to patients. We are always pleased to work with referring physicians to arrange consults for IR procedures we provide.

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