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Hereditary Cancer & Genetic Counseling
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Genetic Counseling FAQ's

Will insurance pay for genetic testing?
Most insurance companies will cover the cost of a genetic lab test if it will improve a person’s medical care and they have a reasonable chance of having an inherited cancer condition.

If I have genetic testing, will I be discriminated against?
Federal and state laws help protect people undergoing genetic testing against health insurance discrimination and employment discrimination. The Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) is a federal law passed in 2008. For more information visit: or view a fact sheet:

I already have cancer. How can genetic counseling help me?
Some inherited gene changes cause several types of cancer. Genetic counseling and testing may determine if you are at risk for another type of cancer in the future. You can then consider ways to prevent other cancers. Many people with cancer seek genetic counseling and testing to help their relatives. The risk of cancer for your relatives is based on the results of your genetic evaluation.

What questions are asked in a genetic counseling appointment?

  • Have your relatives had genetic testing?
  • Which relatives have had cancer?
  • How old were they when they developed cancer?
  • What type of cancer(s) did they have?
  • Where did the cancer start in their body?
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