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Flight For Life Colorado at St. Anthony Central Hospital

Available 24 hours a day, Flight For Life Colorado air ambulance and critical care transport services may be requested by any physician, ambulance service, fire department, law enforcement agency or search and rescue group. Our helicopters operate within a 120-mile radius of our four Colorado Flight For Life operations bases in Lakewood, Frisco, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. The Flight For Life Colorado Communication Center is a full time dispatching, flight following coordination center located at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood and handles the dispatching and communications needs for all of the programs services.

A patient's ability to pay is never questioned when urgent medical transport is needed. Flight For Life Colorado, provides resuscitation, stabilization and transport for patients across the lifespan. The Newborn/Young Child Team and the Adult/Pediatric Team provide service via three methods of transport: helicopter, ground ambulance and fixed-wing aircraft.

Specializing in Trauma The Flight For Life program has special linkages with several of Colorado's most respected specialty facilities and health care organizations. University Hospital, Saint Joseph Hospital, Kaiser Permanente and Craig Rehabilitation Center all rely on the rapid, high tech transport service. A formal affiliation with The Children's Hospital was signed in 1997, with care of the region's tiniest infants and sickest or severely injured children entrusted to our neonatal/pediatric team.

The professionals who staff Flight For Life are highly trained and deeply committed. This is the only medical transport team in the region with dedicated, full-time flight nurses. Our flight paramedics work closely with the flight nurses, providing a combination of paramedic pre-hospital experience and flight nurse abilities that results in a dynamic team able to handle virtually every situation encountered in air medical transport. Our helicopter and fixed wing pilots have extensive experience in mountain flight. Since 1993, Flight For Life has been accredited by the International Commission for the Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems. We are proud that our emergency air and ambulance system was the first in Colorado to achieve this designation.

Recent news and videos about Flight For Life Colorado

Breckenridge: Flight for Life, search and rescue & ski patrol team up at weekend conference - The weekend of Sept. 17, Flight for Life, search and rescue and ski patrol organizations from all over Colorado came together in Breckenridge for a conference aimed at strengthening the partnership, expanding on and learning best practices and keeping lines of communication open between the two sides of emergency rescue operations.

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Behind the Scenes of Flight for Life

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