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Single Unit CPE Internship at St. Anthony Hospital

St. Anthony Hospital’s CPE program offers single unit CPE programs 3 times a year in the Fall, Winter/Spring and Summer.

The Fall and Winter/Spring units are both part time 20 week programs. Students meet one day for CPE Seminars and then do 20 hours of clinical work per week.  The Summer single unit program is a full time (40 hours a week) program that begins in late May and ends in early August.
Tuition cost per unit is $1250. There is not stipend for the single unit CPE programs.

Dates for the 2014-2015 single unit programs are:

The single unit programs yields one unit of CPE credit through ACPE, Inc

An ACPE application, a Bachelor's Degree (or Master's Degree) and an interview with an admissions subcommittee are required for consideration for admission. Attention is given to developing a CPE group with optimal possibility of learning (i.e. diversity). Download the ACPE application or for more information about the single unit cpe programs, please contact Janet Nelson, CPE Registrar, 720-321-1765.

Single units are designed for parish ministers, priests, rabbis, religious, other clergy, parish nurses, commissioned lay ministers, and laypersons in ministry.

The focus of St. Anthony Hospital's CPE program curriculum is threefold:

  1. An intensive participation in pastoral ministry to patients, patients' families and staff in the multi-cultural setting of St. Anthony with the supervision of an ACPE certified chaplain supervisor.
  2. Intensive collegial participation in an educational peer group.
  3. Engagement in a reflective learning process with individual and group supervision that assists in the development and integration of personal and professional identity, the enhancement of pastoral skills and the ability to assess the theological, psychological and social implications of one's pastoral functioning.

Pastoral Reflection, Pastoral Formation, and Pastoral Competence are the primary learning goals that guide the learning contract between the student and supervisor. Basic computer skills are a necessity, as all members of the department participate in regular data collection and entry on the computer.


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