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Cellvizio - The World's Smallest Microscope

The world’s smallest microscope is at work at St. Anthony Hospital, the first hospital in the state using  Cellvizio, making it possible for physicians to view internal tissues at the cellular level, and in real-time, during endoscopies, colonoscopies, pancreatic, and pulmonary exams.

Our Cellvizio Microscope is a miniature microscope that goes inside the body to help doctors focus right on cells, detect cancer faster and make treatment decisions in real time. Cellvizio provides the most advanced diagnosis and treatment option for people who suffer from:

  • Chronic acid reflux (GERD)or Barrett's Esophagus
  • A history of colorectal polyps or Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • Signs of a blockage in the bile duct
  • Signs of lung cancer or lung disease

This cell-by-cell view allows them to pinpoint cancerous and pre-cancerous tissue more effectively so that affected tissue can be removed immediately or a surgical course set with confidence.

Without Cellvizio technology, when an endoscopic procedure identifies areas that appear abnormal, a random tissue sample is taken and sent to a laboratory for analysis, a process that is often imprecise, inefficient and can take up to a week for results, requiring patients needing additional therapeutic procedures to come in at a later date. At St. Anthony Hospital, physicians using Cellvizio, have a tool that can diagnose or rule out a problem during a diagnostic exam – and then treat the problem as fast as possible without the need to come back for a separate procedure.

The images provided by the Cellvizio system enable physicians to evaluate suspicious and potentially cancerous tissue and immediately differentiate between normal and abnormal cells, so they can treat the patient immediately and often offer the patient less invasive, targeted treatment options.

Find more information and answers to common patient questions about Cellvizio.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. John Goff or
Dr. Matthew Reveille at Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology Associates Lakewood office:

Phone: (303) 573-9951
Fax: (303) 573-1013


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