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Specialized Cardiac Care Units at St. Anthony Hospital

St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver has specialized cardiac care units all on the third floor of the hospital. Cardiac surgery, catheterization labs and cardiac care units on have ample capacity to serve a large number of patients, and by being centralized on the same floor, allow for easy transition from one unit to the next. Whether recovering from surgery or returning from the cardiac cath lab, the specialized care a patient requires is all there.

All cardiovascular care units have use a collaborative care model with nurses, doctors, case managers, cardiac rehabilitation specialists, pharmacists, nutritionists and physical / occupational therapists to facilitate the best possible communication and provide excellent patient care.

Specialized Cardiac Care Units Include:

  • A 24-bed combined Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and Cardiac Care Unit cares for acutely ill cardiac patients recovering from open-heart surgery, heart attack and any other cardiac condition that requires intense nursing care.
  • A telemetry unit provides cardiac care for patients are continuing to recover and do not requre acute cardiac care. This is frequently the area patients and families receive instruction and education in preparation to return home.
  • A new nine-bed unit that provides specialized treatment for less than 24-hour stays for patients having elective cardiac cath procedures, vascular and interventional procedures, electrophysiology, Transesophageal echocardiography and bronchoscopies.

Each of our units offer flexible waiting hours and convenient waiting areas for family and loved ones.

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