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St. Anthony Hospital Community Connections Online

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St. Anthony Hospital Community Connections Fall 2011
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Meet St. Anthony Hospital's New CEO - Jeff Brickman
New Medical Office Plazas to Open Early 2012
Tech Talk - Treating Atrial Fibrillation
Health Passport Opens in Belmar
Redevelopment Update
The twin medical office plazas connected by walkway to St. Anthony Hospital will begin serving patients in the first months of the new year. January will mark the opening of the first suites in the south plaza— the site of the new Breast Center, Cardiac Rehabilitation, the Senior Health Center and numerous other services. The north plaza, slated to open shortly thereafter, will bring a range of physician practices and oncology services to the St. Anthony Medical Campus. Together, the two plazas will add more than 198,000 square feet of easily accessed space for outpatient care. Stay informed about the new hospital at
Medical Office Plaza 2 (South)
• St. Anthony Breast Center
- Digital Mammography
- Breast Ultrasound
- Stereotactic Biopsy
- Tomosynthesis
- Dexa Scan (Bone Density)
• St. Anthony Cardiac Rehabilitation
• St. Anthony Senior Health Center
• St. Anthony Pain Management Center
• InterMountain Neurosurgery and Neuroscience
• St. Anthony Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging
- PET Scan
- CAT Scan
- Ultrasound
- X-Ray
• Pre-Procedure Testing
• St. Anthony Cardiac Diagnostic Center
• St. Anthony Outpatient Pharmacy
• St. Anthony Specialty Surgical Services
- Associated Surgeons
- Chambers Specialty Surgical Care
- Western Vascular and Thoracic Surgery
• Physician Practices
Medical Office Plaza 1 (North)
• St. Anthony Cancer Center
- Radiation Oncology
- Genetic Counseling
• St. Anthony Hospital Sleep Disorders Center
• Physician Practices
Several services and physicians' offices will have interim locations prior to the opening of the new Medical Office Plazas. To confirm the location of the service you're seeking, please visit
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