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St. Anthony Hospital Community Connections Online

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St. Anthony Hospital Community Connections Spring 2012
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“Cancer, we have you surrounded.”
Outpatient Therapy Opens on Van Gordon Street
What is 3-D breast tomosynthesis?
Redevelopment Plans Progress

“Cancer, we have you surrounded.”


St. Anthony Cancer Center care encompasses leading-edge technology, teamwork


St. Anthony Hospital has been providing leading-edge oncology care for decades. But with the opening of the new Cancer Center on the St. Anthony Medical Campus, that strength is about to reach even higher levels.

The Center already holds the American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer's accreditation as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program. As such, it unites highly experienced oncology specialists who use evidence-based practice methods to ensure each patient the right treatment at the right time.

This national accreditation also reflects the Cancer Center's:

  • advanced technologies for diagnosis, evaluation and treatment
  • genetic counseling for clearer decision-making and assurance
  • access to emerging treatments through national clinical trials, without having to leave Lakewood
  • comprehensive support—medical, physical, emotional, spiritual and informational—for both the patient and his or her family

One state-of-the-art system at St. Anthony Cancer Center particularly addresses that "surround" statement. It's the

NovalisTX™ system with RapidArc, pictured here. The most advanced radiation therapy available, it revolves a full

360-degrees around the patient for "whole volume" treatments two to eight times faster than prior systems. Moreover, the

NovalisTX's precision in that delivery is far greater, which means healthy tissue can be preserved. For Cancer Center patients, it assures a higher standard of care and a faster return to normal daily routines. St. Anthony Cancer Center is also one of the few in Colorado offering the advantages of radiosurgery for tumors of the brain and neurological system.

Learn more about St. Anthony Cancer Center

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