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5 Healthy Habits to Boost Your Energy

  1. 5 Healthy Habits to Boost EnergyHydration! Head into your workout with a full tank. Drink water BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a workout. A body low on fluids can tire you out and significantly impair performance. To stay energized, drink 16 oz of water or non-caffeinated beverage gradually over 1-2 hours before your workout and another 8 oz. within 15 minutes after.
  2. Zzzzzzzz's! Sleeping in on weekends may sound like a dream come true, but too many extra z's may send you back into a deeper stage of sleep, making you feel sluggish rather than alert. Add a 45 minute nap, set a routine bedtime and a routine rise time for increased energy.
  3. Don't Over-do Breakfast! Eating health amounts and choosing the right foods for breakfast can kick-start your day... but there is a RIGHT way. Too much, especially of the wrong foods, can divert blood flow from the brain to the stomack to aid digestion. Choose satisfying and energizing foods in healthy portions to start your day. Feed the brain and the body.
  4. Snack between meals! Avoid going more than four hours without food to prevent blood sugar levels from dropping, which drains your energy and leaves you cranky and ravenous. Munch on a portion controlled snack that includes protein, carbs, and fat to stabilize blood sugar, mood and energy levels.
  5. Don't skip the 'ups and downs'! Warm-up and cool-down are just as important as the workout. We are all on time constraints...especially when it comes to exercise. Help your muscles recover with stretching to improve circulation, reduce muscle soreness and increase energy. Full body stretching should be completed before and after exercise.

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