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Volunteering is rewarding and fun, but demands a significant service-based commitment on your part. At St. Anthony Hospital, our patients, visitors and staff benefit greatly when volunteers serve on a regular, long-term basis. Therefore, St. Anthony Hospital volunteers are asked to commit to a regular (usually, weekly) schedule of shifts which are typically four hours in length (these may vary by assignment).

You must be 16 years old to volunteer at St. Anthony Hospital. Most of our volunteers average 100 to 200 service hours each year. Because of the commitment required, we ask that you carefully consider your schedule and your abilities before you apply to volunteer at St. Anthony Hospital. Due to the nature of our services, St. Anthony Hospital does not accept court ordered volunteer applicants.

Ready to be part of the St. Anthony Hospital volunteer team? Follow the easy application process below:

Teen Applicants: Complete the Teen Online Volunteer Application. We will contact you with further details if space is available.

Adult Applicants
Step 1: Complete an Online Volunteer Application.
Step 2: Register Online for a Volunteer Orientation Session
Upon submitting your online application, you will receive a confirmation with a link where you can register for an orientation session. You must attend a session within six months of submitting your online application.

Due to the uniqueness of volunteering in a hospital including the commitment level and regulatory guidelines to which volunteers must adhere, all prospective volunteers are required to attend this session prior to moving on in the application process. When you attend, you will meet staff from St. Anthony Hospital Volunteer Services Department, hear more about volunteer opportunities, go over remaining documentation requirements and ask questions about the application process.

Because of the potential for exposure to confidential information which may be obtained directly or indirectly concerning patients, doctors or personnel, every applicant is required to undergo a background check. All volunteer applicants must sign a back-ground check form at the orientation session. The Volunteer Services Department also requires immunization records, flu-shot documentation, TB testing and two personal references. All of these forms will be available for you at this session.

Step 3: Welcome! You're a Volunteer!
Once you have successfully completed the background check and ALL documentation has been submitted and approved, your volunteer placement will be confirmed and you will receive your first volunteer assignment.

That's all there is to it, we'll make sure you have all the orientation and training you need, provide you with a uniform if necessary and arrange for your parking.

If you have any questions with the application process, please feel free to contact us at 720-321-4070.

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