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Pastoral Nurse Program

Pastoral Nurse, Gloria Raigosa, acts as a personal health counselor, health educator, referral resource and volunteer coordinator.
For many patients, illness, injury and hospitalization involve mental and emotional issues of grief, despair, anxiety and fear. Often, patients and their families are understandably apprehensive about what lies ahead.

The staff of St. Anthony Hospital is dedicated to supporting you and your family physically, emotionally and spiritually during your hospital stay. We are here for you in times of difficulty, discouragement or loneliness, and in times of joy with the celebration of the blessing of birth, successful surgery and answered prayer.

Our hospital chaplains, chaplain residents and interns serve all patients, families and staff at St. Anthony Hospital regardless of religious preference, with care, concern and confidentiality. These spiritual care providers include men and women of Catholic and many other faith traditions, all of whom share an absolute respect for personal belief and a value for honoring spirituality with a non-judgmental presence. They are available for crisis counseling, to support chronically ill patients, these in recovery and rehabilitation and those patients and families fearing death or needing bereavement care.

Chaplain visits are available by request and Catholic Eucharistic Ministers are available daily to bring Holy Communion to Catholic patients. For patients and guests desiring visits from their own spiritual care advisors, our chaplain staff can arrange this or the administering of religious sacraments.

To speak with Gloria Raigosa, Pastoral Nurse Coordinator, please call 720-321-0083.

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