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Hereditary Cancer & Genetic Counseling
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About our Genetic Counselor

Lisa Mullineaux, MS, CGC

Lisa Mullineaux is a certified genetic counselor and has been practicing cancer genetic counseling for 17 years. She graduated from the University of Colorado genetics program with a master's degree in genetics, a bachelor's degree in biology from Harvard University and a master's in business/health administration from Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Management. She was the first cancer genetic counselor in the state of Colorado.

Lisa's interests include teaching, educating others about cancer genetics and research. She has a special interest in hereditary breast cancer in Spanish Americans in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Lisa is passionate about helping people learn more about their cancer risk and what they can do to find cancer early and reduce their chances of developing cancer.

Contact us with questions about genetic counseling and St. Anthony Hospital Hereditary Cancer Services.

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