• Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Cutting-edge care.

    St. Anthony Hospital was awarded the Adam Williams Initiative Grant. The Adam Williams Initiative is a philanthropic foundation endorsed by the Brain Trauma Foundation for Trauma Care. The Initiative's goal is to help establish a higher standard of care for traumatic brain injury patients through implementation of cutting edge, protocol-driven care.

    Approximately 1.4 million people sustain traumatic brain injury annually and 235,000 require hospitalization. St. Anthony Hospital is committed to providing compassionate, state-of-the-science care for patients with traumatic brain injury.

    St. Anthony Hospital's Level I Trauma designation proves a critical advantage for patients requiring clinical expertise as the result of head trauma. Our T-10, the Rocky Mountain Region's first and only dedicated trauma-operating suite, enables seriously injured patients to go directly to surgery from the field. This gives us the ability to address traumatic brain injuries immediately, giving us the valuable lifesaving minutes that make all the difference when it comes to brain trauma. St. Anthony Hospital is also home to Flight For Life Colorado , an air ambulance system for transport of some of our most critically injured patients.

    Neurosurgeons along with neurologists, critical care, trauma surgeons and emergency care specialists collaborate to offer the best care and potential outcomes for these patients. Additionally there is a dedicated intensive care unit staffed with nurses who specialize in traumatic brain injury, who work in conjunction with a multidisciplinary team to deliver high quality care. The team uses some of the most advanced technology to guide treatment and ensure the best outcomes.

    Patients with mild and moderate traumatic brain injury are cared for in our specialized neuro- trauma unit. A collaborative approach by all members of the health care team is employed to assure the best possible outcome for each patient. The rehabilitation process starts at admission with physical, occupational and speech therapy services. Care may continue through our inpatient acute rehabilitation unit.  Case managers and social workers assist patients and family members to streamline the multiple aspects of care for patients with brain injury.

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