• Advanced Neurosciences & Technology at St. Anthony Hospital

  • State-of-the-art technology.

    At St. Anthony Hospital, state-of-the-art technology gives us the ability to offer patients some of the most advanced neurosurgical procedures and treatments available in Denver and the Rocky Mountain region.

    Advanced Neurosurgical Technology available at St. Anthony Hospital:

    • Advanced Imaging and StealthStation® - State-of-the-art imaging technology include our neuro-dedicated CT units, our magnetic resonance angiography and imaging systems, StealthStation® computer-guided surgery capabilities and ISO-C TM spine system for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine surgeries.

      Before surgery, patients undergo diagnostic scans, such as CT or MRI. The images obtained are then loaded into the StealthStation®  system where they are analyzed by advanced computer technology and translated into extremely precise 3-D images that the surgeon uses to map the least invasive and safest path to the target site. Once surgery begins, the StealthStation® system produces 3-D, real-time images of the procedure, allowing the surgeon to see behind areas that are hard to reach without disturbing the tissue around them.

    • Penumbra ® - an interventional system for removing large clots in the brain when treatment with tPA is not appropriate or appears to be ineffective.  The Penumbra ® Stroke System uses aspiration and catheterization techniques to rapidly restore blood flow in the brain and limit damage caused by stroke.  Unlike clot dissolving drugs which must be administered within a short three-hour treatment window, the Penumbra can be used within eight hours of symptom onset. See more advanced stroke treatments...

    • Teleradiology - Our advanced imaging and communications technologies enable Neuroscience Center physicians in Denver to consult in real-time with health care providers throughout the Rocky Mountain region.
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