• STEALTH Surgical System at St. Anthony Hospital

  • St. Anthony Hospital's STEALTH system features a C-arm high-tech X-ray machine that performs a 360-degree rotation around the patient while he or she is still asleep, producing some 200 snapshots quickly and merging them into a 3-D image. The surgeon thus has immediate post-procedure confirmation that the procedure has been completed as intended.

    Neurosurgeons use this state-of-the-art imaging technology including neuro-dedicated CT units, magnetic resonance angiography and imaging systems, ISO-CTM spine system for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine surgeries and StealthStation® computer-guided surgery capabilities.

    Before surgery, patients undergo diagnostic scans, such as CT or MRI. The images obtained are then loaded into the StealthStation®  system where they are analyzed by advanced computer technology and translated into extremely precise 3-D images that the surgeon uses to map the least invasive and safest path to the target site. Once surgery begins, the StealthStation® system produces 3-D, real-time images of the procedure, allowing the surgeon to see behind areas that are hard to reach without disturbing the tissue around them.



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