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  • What is the treatment option using HALO technology?

    "Ablation" (or coagulation) is a technique where tissue is heated until it is no longer viable or alive. Physicians have used various forms of ablation for nearly a century to treat a number of cancerous and precancerous conditions, as well as to control bleeding. The HALO ablation technology is a very specific type of ablation, in which heat energy is delivered in a precise and highly-controlled manner.

    Barrett's esophagus tissue is very thin and is therefore a good candidate for removal with ablative energy. Delivery of ablative energy with the HALO ablation technology is therefore capable of achieving complete removal of the diseased tissue without damage to the normal underlying structures.

    Ablation therapy is performed in conjunction with upper endoscopy. The treatment is performed in an outpatient setting and no incisions are involved. While the actual procedure time in clinical studies has been approximately less than 28 minutes, there is needed preparation prior to the start of the procedure, and patients are monitored for a specific time afterwards. A patient should ask the physician or nurse practitioner for more information on where the procedure is performed and the time required for the procedure.

    Successful elimination of the Barrett's esophagus tissue does not cure pre-existing GERD or the associated symptoms. The physician will guide the patient regarding long-term GERD therapy.

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