• iTriage & St. Anthony Hospital

  • What is iTriage?

    iTriage is an acute care decision tool, designed to help consumers make the most appropriate decision about their healthcare needs. It has information on thousands of symptoms, diseases and medical procedures and more than a million data points for healthcare provider searches throughout the country.

    As a preferred provider, St. Anthony Hospital has partnered with iTriage to provide our community with detailed information about our services and specialties to give smartphone and Web users immediate access and a more personal way to obtain information about all that we do and offer, including the ability to view our current ER wait times and tell us you're coming - all right from your mobile device!

    How does iTriage work?

    Let's say your child comes down with acute abdominal pain. Once you have downloaded iTriage on your smartphone, or accessed the software through iTriageHealth.com, you can search under "symptoms" for abdominal pain. The software will then populate a list of possible causes. From there, you can click on the procedures typically used by medical professionals to diagnose a particular condition, so that you can better explain to your child what to expect. The real power behind iTriage is in the last step. Based on your specific medical problem, the iTriage software will direct you to the most appropriate provider. Based on your GPS location, IP address or zip code, the software populates the provider list based on distance from your exact location.

    What information can be accessed with iTriage?

    • Medical information on symptoms, diseases and procedures
    • Contact information and mapping for every hospital, urgent care, retail clinic, physician, pharmacy and Government Health Center in the nation
    • Average ER Wait times in select parts of the country
    • Nurse advice lines
    • A one-touch click to a 9-1-1 emergency connection
    • Pre-registration capability with select medical providers

    How do I get iTriage?

    From your iPhone or iPod touch, you can download the application from the iTunes store. If you have an Android phone, you would use your Android phone to access the Android Market, then download the application from there. If you have other Internet-enabled devices like a Kindle or a .mobi smartphone, you would access iTriage by logging on to www.iTriageHealth.com

    Who develops and maintains the medical information on iTriage?

    Medical professionals created the proprietary iTriage mobile optimized content, which has been vetted by a medical advisory board. Each topic is independently reviewed by physicians of multiple, differing specialties for accuracy, suitability and usefulness. In addition, content is reviewed by a master's in psychology to ensure the greatest understanding and applicability across multiple education levels.

    Do you have an emergency? Call 911 as iTriage is NOT a substitute for emergency care.
    If you do not have an emergency, iTriage can direct you to the appropriate level of care depending on the disease you are searching.


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