• Advanced Cancer Diagnostics at the St. Anthony Cancer Center

  • In choosing equipment for the new St. Anthony Cancer Center, we selected systems designed specifically for patient comfort and safety. Our digital imaging technologies deliver precision with significantly lower levels of radiation than that of traditional methods. Key tools for advanced cancer diagnostic include:

    • X-ray to obtain clear images of bones and other body structures.
    • CT Scans (computerized tomography) for bone and soft-tissue diagnostics
    • Ultrasound for imaging soft tissue inside the body.
    • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) for information beyond that seen by X-rays, ultrasounds and CT scans
    • PET/CT Scans (positron emission tomography + computerized tomography) these scans merge a type of nuclear medicine and CT imaging to define the exact location of the metabolic activity being evaluated. PET/CT can measure organ and tissue functions such as blood flow, oxygen use and metabolism.

    Our radiologists and technologists are highly experienced and certified by their respective specialty boards. Moreover, the leading-edge digital imaging technology at St. Anthony Cancer Center allows your physician to request your medical images via a highly secured online portal. The result is more rapid consultation with our cancer specialists so you can have answers as quickly as possible.

    Contact the Cancer Care Center for more information about Metro Denver cancer diagnosis procedures and the cancer treatment process .