• Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator

  • When you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, having a nurse specialist to help you navigate your care and concerns can make all the difference.

    At the St. Anthony Breast Center we offer nurse navigator assistance, at no additional cost, to patients who have a breast cancer diagnosis. Our Certified Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator is a registered nurse with with more than a decade’s experience in oncology and nursing. She can assist you in finding the answers and support you need throughout your diagnostic evaluation and course of care. Understanding that every patient's situation is unique, she is prepared to provide or guide you to optimal resources for:

    Medical Care

    Depending upon your diagnosis, your health care partners may include radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, oncologists and other specialists. Our navigator can help facilitate the communication that makes for a more comfortable, confident experience.

    • Lifestyle support. Your daily living needs may change as treatment progresses. Our navigator can assist you in finding local resources for transportation, in-home help, childcare and more.
    • Financial assistance. There are local and national organizations whose focus is helping those with breast cancer address financial matters. Our navigator can connect you with these charitable concerns.
    • Emotional and spiritual support. Breast cancer changes lives. Given your desires and direction, our navigator can introduce you to others - professional resources, compassionate volunteers and others who have faced a challenge similar to yours - to make the journey easier. 

    The Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator helps make our team, your team. Because she has rapid and direct access to the multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and technicians involved in your evaluation and treatment, you're assured a greater continuity of care.

    How does a patient connect with the nurse navigator?

    Wen possible, the nurse navigator meets with the patient during her initial diagnostic appointment at St. Anthony Breast Center. If this introduction cannot take place that day, the navigator will contact the patient by telephone shortly thereafter to discuss needs and next steps.  

    The COPE Library™ for Breast Health

    One of the many resources our nurse navigator can share with you when you visit the St. Anthony Breast Center is current, patient-friendly information from the COPE (Cancer Online Patient Education) Library. Among the topics covered are breast imaging procedures, biopsy procedures, types of breast cancers, surgical procedures, chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal therapy, side effects, reconstruction and medication. There is no charge for this information.

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