• Diabetes Education & Support

  • Do you or a family member have diabetes?

    Here's how St. Anthony Hospital can H.E.L.P.

    St. Anthony Hospital is an accredited site for a nationally recognized Health Enrichment for Life Program (H.E.L.P.) for individuals with diabetes.

    This leading-edge initiative offers those diagnosed with the disease a wealth of diabetes management information, activities and support, all in one place. The specially trained St. Anthony H.E.L.P. team includes a certified diabetes educator, licensed behavioral counselors, a registered dietitian, exercise physiologists and a community health clinician.

    Participants engage in physical activity in the gym, enjoy cooking demos in the kitchen, practice their self-care skills and receive community support to learn sustainable quality-of-life skills to accomplish their goals faster. The program’s 10 hours of education are divided into four two-hour classes, one hour-long class and one hour devoted to individual time with a diabetes educator.

    Each class focuses on the following specific skills:

    • Taking your first steps: Understanding diabetes management, self-care skills, a guide to start healthy meal planning and increased physical activity.
    • Build your skills: Learn about healthy cooking at home and nutritious options when dining out, then practice meal-planning skills and problem-solving situations with diabetes care.
    • Healthy coping and setting realistic goals: Learn behavior change, social support options and how to reduce stress with breathing skills and body imagery.
    • Living with diabetes: Guide to Problem Solving with Diabetes. Understand blood glucose goals and patterns, treatment of high/low blood glucose, diabetes medications, health checks, preventing diabetes complications and sick-day rules.
    • Transition to the community: Community resource options for ongoing diabetes self-care after graduating from the program.

  • Interested in H.E.LP.?

    H.E.L.P. Diabetes Education is ONLY for people diagnosed by their physician with diabetes. Classes are billed to insurance. New in 2015: Medicaid also covers the program for those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

    To Enroll:

    Your provider must complete the following order and then fax to the Central Scheduling number on the form. You will then receive a call to be scheduled into the program.

    Questions? Please Contact:
    Nicole Celona-Jacobs, MS, RD, CDE

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