• Year Long CPE Residency Program Information

  • Clinical Pastoral Education Program | St. Anthony Central Hospital | Woman & Girl Talking Upcoming St. Anthony Hospital CPE Year Long Residency Dates: Aug. 25, 2014 - Aug. 31, 2015

    The year-long CPE residency program at St. Anthony Hospital is a three unit residency program. A prior unit of CPE is required to be considered for admission into the program.

    St. Anthony Hospital has a long history of providing spiritual care patients, families and staff. Our CPE students are well integrated into the healthcare team. Board Certified Chaplains provide mentoring and help in becoming oriented to the nursing units to which the residents are assigned.

    Salaries are provided and individuals in these positions are eligible to accrue Paid Time Off (PTO) and to participate in the St. Anthony Hospital Health Plan.

    Application Process
    If you would like to apply for the St. Anthony Hospital CPE Year Long Residency Program, please complete the St. Anthony Hospital CPE application . St. Anthony Hospital CPE encourages early applications (September-December  of the prior year) as our Residency Program often fills up in the early spring.

    For more information please email or call Janet Nelson , 720-321-1765.

    Curriculum for Year Long CPE Residency Program

    Clinical Ministries are available at St. Anthony Hospital and OrthoColorado Hospital

    St. Anthony Hospital - a regional Level I Trauma Hospital with 250 beds. 
    Assigned clinical placements include:.

    • Intensive Care
    • Emergency Department
    • Rehabilitation
    • Medical/Surgical

    Critical Care

    The CPE resident has a unique opportunity to provide crisis ministry in a variety of settings, including five Intensive Care Units (Neurosurgical, Cardiac, Trauma Surgical, Medical/Surgical and Medical). In these settings, the CPE resident provides pastoral care to patients and families as they experience medical care crisis due to unanticipated health deterioration (heart attack, stroke, etc.), acts of violence, accidents, and end of life decisions. Additionally the CPE resident supports the staff serving the critical care units.


    Floors 4, 5, and 6 serve a variety of medical/surgical patients, including cardiac, neurology, and medical/surgical trauma. The interdisciplinary team looks to the CPE resident to provide emotional and spiritual support to the patients, families and staff.

    OrthoColorado Hospital

    OrthoColorado Hospital is an orthopedic hospital that specializes in joint replacement, spine surgery, wrist and hand surgery, foot and ankle surgery and trauma and sports medicine. The building is connected to St. Anthony Hospital.