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  • Our Mission
    "The Lightning Data Center is an interdisciplinary organization focused on studying lightning and related phenomena. By employing research, information exchange, education, patient case histories and advocacy, we strive to improve the treatment of the lightning injured patient, and to promote lightning safety and awareness, in order to minimize lightning fatalities and injuries."

    Who We Are & What We Do
    The Lightning Data Center (LDC) is a unique, worldwide group of professionals in medicine, meteorology, engineering, photography, and allied areas.  We also include as members, individuals that have been struck by lightning, people that have received an electrical shock, and others who have an interest in lightning and can bring some form of expertise to the group. The diverse backgrounds of our members bring a singularly unique form of expertise to the LDC.

    We meet once every month to discuss the topic of lightning and allied subjects, from a number of different viewpoints. Occasionally, lightning strike cases are presented.  We will occasionally have guest speakers present lightning-related information to the group.

    Meetings are held on the 2 nd Friday of each month at St. Anthony Hospital at Lakewood, Colorado and are free. An informal lunch is served.  View a map to St. Anthony Hospital .

    Finally, the LDC will, from time to time, conduct research to help further our understanding of lightning. See some of our research efforts .

    The LDC Executive Committee is:

    Steve Clark

    Greg Stewart

    Ken Langford

    Michael Foley

    Dr. Phil Yarnell - Medical Advisor

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